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We have over 45 years of  expert metal refinishing experience.  We handle your items as if they were our own.  We will do the best job possible restoring each and every piece you send in.  Please understand that some parts, due to their composition, will not be "perfect" or "like brand new" when you receive them back.  Aged metal often has tiny pits caused by any of a number of reasons, and these pits cannot always be completely removed without damaging the integrity of the pieces.  Of course, we will do our best to remove as many as we can.


Sheet brass polishing is the most straightforward.  We can polish and lacquer almost any sheet brass piece ranging from home hardware to brass railing to headboards.  Even if the pieces are aged or coated with paint, We can bring them back to life and protect them for years to come.


Embossed brass  or bronze is a little more challenging.  We can polish this as well. Embossed brass and bronze is usually found on chandeliers and hardware. The upper parts of the metal with the embossed work are polished to show the details and the lower part retains some of the patina so that your chandeliers and fixtures retain their antique quality. We take special care in the restoration of fine antiques so as not to over polish them and ruin the contrast. At the Lamp Doctor we take Pride in our polishing and restoration work. 


Here are some of our before and after photos.
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