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For over 35 years, the Lamp Doctor has been restoring and designing lamps and lighting fixtures on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  Over that time, we have accumulated a fair amount of praise for our services.  Below, we have collected just a few of the recommendations of our fans.

January 7, 2008

Lamp Doctor

Over the past year, we've collected a few light fixtures from various sources. With few exceptions, they needed some kind of repair/rewire/fix or another. We had one large chandelier rewired by a friend but he has a life too and after realizing how much work is involved, we didn't dare ask him for more help. But we still had a box of light fixtures that needed to get fixed before they were installed.

Thanks to a recommendation on the forum, we found Lamp Doctor.

Its run by a sweet couple and small staff who really know what they are doing and are clearly still on their even after so many years in the business. It’s the kind of shop that makes me so happy to live in Brooklyn. I wouldn't say their prices are cheap but their turnaround is quick and they don't try to get you to pay for services you don't need.

Last week we dropped off a pair of old sconces we picked up on vacation and a light fixture we bought during our salvage tour of New England. When we picked those up, we went to drop off the chandeliers we had for a polishing/rewiring/socket repair.

We ended up selling one of these to them and bought a more elaborate chandelier for our living room. Im hopeful it will add some sparkle to the room.

Definitely check them out if you need any repair work or have old chandeliers to sell.

I'll post photos of these when they are finally installed. Its looking closer and closer to that time everyday but we're still a little way off from these finishing touches going in.


I used them to rewire and refurbish my dining room chandelier (which looks quite similar to one you bought from them). As you say, they are not cheap. But they did an awesome job.

Posted by: Brooklynista at January 8, 2008 10:52 PM


"When you step into the Lamp Doctor, it's like stepping back in time and you're back in the early 1900's.  Peter is very creative, a fantastic craftsman with lamps.  I brought in my grandmother's antique sewing machine and Peter's eyes just lit up.  The sewing machine was mounted on a beautiful base and fitted with an oblong fringed shade.  It is now sitting in my study at home and will always remind me of my grandmother.  It's the centerpiece of my room."

-Mike Pergola
Longtime Customer

"I get all old antiques and bring them to [the Lamp Doctor] and they clean them up and repair them and it's perfect!"

-Olga Rahibi
Longtime Customer

"I bring all my lamps to the Lamp Doctor to fit lampshades.  Somehow the right shades make the lamps even more beautiful!  They take the time to expertly shade my lamps, that's why I keep coming back."

-Mary Gewirtz
Longtime Customer

"I collect vintage and antique sconces which usually are in a total state of disrepair.  The Lamp Doctor rewires them for safety and will restore them to the original finish.  I just love the transformation!"

-Joan Hickey

"The Lamp Doctor saved my inherited chandelier from ending up in the garbage.  They cleaned my crystal chandelier inside and out, fixed the broken arm, and hung the crystals.  It went from an unusable broken and dirty chandelier to the centerpiece of my dining room.  Thanks, Peter!"

-Lynne Guberman

"Try the Lamp Doctor at 1944 Coney Island Avenue 718-627-0448. They have rewired a number of fixtures for me and my sister, including a very complicated chandelier from Iran and a pair of 19 c. sconces. Reasonable prices and very quick service. Lots of experience with antique pieces. Fun junky storefront."

-"Clinton Hillbilly"

"I'm restoring a lovely brownstone in Park Slope and over the course of two years have brought many fixtures to the Lamp Doctor to be restored, as well as my original hardware to be polished.  They take a genuine interest in my fixtures and rewire and restore them as if they were their own.  Their suggestions for restoring the different finishes have been extremely helpful.  My chandeliers and sconces look perfect for my rooms when rehung.  Thanks Peter and Carol for your expertise!"

-Jonathan Wright
Longtime Customer