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Custom Lighting

One Of A Kind Lamps, Chandeliers, and Sconces


A gorgeous custom Cherub Chandelier!At the Lamp Doctor, we have designed a collection of thematic one of a kind original chandeliers, sconces, and lighting designs.  We combine the warmth, charm and craftsmanship of wonderful vintage brass and bronze and antique lighting designs with the whimsy and uniqueness of original and extraordinary objects d'art.

Our original lighting designs feature creatures such as cherubs, fairies, gargoyles, griffins, and mermaids.  We also create and design chandeliers and fixtures featuring locomotives, airplanes, motorcycles, sailing ships, antique sewing machines, and even vintage gumball machines.  Our one of a kind lamps and chandeliers are all designed and crafted here at the Lamp Doctor and each fixture is so unique that you can be sure your chandelier or lamp will amaze your guests each time they see it!

If you have an idea or theme in mind, we can design a chandelier or lighting fixture using the same techniques specifically for you.  If you have a unique centerpiece, a family heirloom, or even a tea set, we can create a beautiful lighting design for you.  We work with you to create a chandelier that will fulfill all your lighting expectations.  We can add crystal prisms and beaded crystal chain, custom colors and hand finishes for your one of a kind chandeliers lamps and sconces.  Call or come down to see our beautiful designs and begin customization of your beautiful lighting!